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Näyteyt 951 - 991 ja 991 merkinnät
© Steen Olsson

The artwork consists of 6 tiles weighing 400 kg and was given by the association “Aldrig mere krig” (Never War Again). The tiles were laid down in Sjællandsgade in 1986 in connection with the renovati...

Saturday 10 July 1920 the reunification stone in Mulstrup was unveiled. Farm owner Fr. Sørensen, Mulstrup personally carved the inscription: 15 JULI 1920

The school teacher Clausen planted the oak tr...

© Steen Olsson

The reunification stone was set up on 15 June 1921 – one year after. It was unveiled by the town vet Axel Petersen.

In the years 1920-1938 561 reunification stones were set up around the country, ove...

© Steen Olsson

The reunification stone was unveiled on 10 July 1920.

In the years 1920-1938 561 reunification stones were set up around the country, over half were erected in 1920. The unification is the historic e...

© Steen Olsson

The reunification stone was set up in the autumn of 1921

In the years 1920-1938 561 reunification stones were set up around the country, over half were erected in 1920. The unification is the histori...

Around Denmark a lot of memorial stones were placed just after World War 2 to express the feeling of liberation after 5 black years and to commemorate future generations that this must never happen ag...

© Steen Olsson

The sculpture was created by Monica Ritterband.

In 2007 it was unveiled in the company Enemærke & Petersen’s yard at their annual summer get together. The sculpture symbolizes the solidarity across b...

© Susanne Reiff

The Cairn at Sigersted was made and placed in 1999 by the local artist Claus Christian Jørgensen. The stones were collected from the fields around Sigersted. 

The Bronze Crown on top symbolizing King...

© Steen Olsson

The sculptor Bjørn Poulsen (born 1959) has created this sculpture of grey granite in 1993. The sculpture is with no title and was placed there in August 2001....

© Steen Olsson

The tree has been carved and shaped as an owl. The perfect entrance figure for the wood and was made in 2012....

© Susanne Reiff

The drinking fountain on the Square also shows the distances from Ringsted to the twin towns:

Skövde 351 km, Vammala 923 km, Halden 410 km,

Gyöngyos 1,020 km, Kutna Hora 655 km,

Ringsted Iowa, USA ...

The Water lily is designed by Gerda Dragsdahl and was carried out by the bronze caster Jan Olsen from Vipperød.

The water lily was originally place at the town square on the tomb of the guardsman, bu...

© Steen Olsson

The stone was put up on 9 July by the teacher Andersen of Allindemagle school. It has been moved to its present position near the church in Haraldsted in 1968.

In the years 1920-1938 561 reunificatio...

The reunification stone was unveiled on 7 May 1922.

In the years 1920-1938 561 reunification stones were set up around the country, over half were erected in 1920. The unification is the historic eve...

Did you know that Denmark’s oldest station building is in Roskilde? Not even Copenhagen Central Station can compete!

Roskilde Station was built in 1847, when a railway was laid between Copenhagen an...

Roskilde Ring Racetrack

4000, Roskilde

Do you have motor oil in your blood? Does motor racing excite you? If so, you probably know that Roskilde and motor racing have been closely linked for generations. Roskilde is where big names like J...

The Lapidarium of Kings

1220, København K

Experience royal sculptures in a unique, atmospheric setting at The Lapidarium of Kings in Christian IV’s Brewhouse on Slotsholmen island.

Have you ever wondered what happens to old sculptures and st...

© Steen Olsson

The Globe is constructed by the artist René Schmidt and symbolizes the quality of the Veteran Center: Solidarity, network, endless and unbreakable bonds. Inspiration has come from the globes in the go...


9690, Fjerritslev

When the danish King Frederick the Sixth visited Grønnestrand in 1824, he stated:

"This is the most beautiful spot in my kingdom"

In commemoration of this visit, a local squire erected a monument ca...

© Steen Olsson

On this lovely spot in St. Bøgeskov the Baptist found a suitable place for their adult baptism. The source here was said to have curative effect. 

They met at the Community House in Vanløse and went ...

© Steen Olsson

The post horseman was created by Johannes Bjerg in 1938 for the Post & Telegraph who placed them at selected post offices.  Ringsted Post Office moved in January 2014 to RingStedet. The post horseman ...

© Historisk Atlas

The Trinity

5000, Odense C

Bjørn Nørgaard's portrait of Hans Christian Andersen - Trinity - consists of The Shadow, The Improviser and The Travelling Companion.

The sculpture stands opposite the railway station, making it the ...

© Kunst & Byrum Helsingør

"Life in the Sound" is the theme of a large, poetic mural and a colourful humorous fish, created from scrap and marine waste.

At Helsingør bus terminal, you can see a lovely mural in blue shades tha...

© Steen Olsson

Kunst in Ringsted Outlet

4100, Ringsted

The sculptor Poul Bækhøjand wife Hanne Egebjerg is responsible for the execution of this group of sculptures in Ringsted Outlet - it was unveiled in 2008 at the opening of the center.


© VisitHerning

Laksen (Land Art)

6933, Kibæk

Laksen (Land Art)
At the bank of Skjern Å near Skarrildhus south of Herning you can see a gigantic stone sculpture of the Skjern Å salmon.

It is 45 metres long and was made on site by the Aarhus art...

© VisitHerning

De 4 Hjertekamre (Land Art)

7280, Sønder Felding

De 4 Hjertekamre (Land Art)
Between the stream and Præsteskoven by Sønder Felding the artist Marianne Jørgensen has created 4 hearts formed out of setts that lie as hollows in the landscape and are c...

© Holstebro Turistbureau

Magic Cliff

7500, Holstebro

Magic Cliff (1994) by GAIA Desgin. The cliff, which isn't a real cliff at all, is a fibre-reinforced concrete illusion which you can explore indside and out....

© Steen Olsson

The three artistic columns at the entrance to the Knud Lavard Center were made by Birgitte and Hans Börjeson from Fulby by Sorø.

The columns were unveiled at the opening of the Center....

© Karen Folker VN

Murals in Elsinore

3000, Helsingør

The history of Elsinore told in murals

A completely free and fun attraction is 5 large murals telling the history of Elsinore in magnificent, colourful and imaginative paintings that appeal to both c...

© VisitOdense

The Butterflies

5000, Odense C

The butterflies are part of the fairytale playground, which also offers oversized dock leaves and other play equipment for smaller children....

© Steen Olsson

The Chairs were placed at the entrance to the old people’s home Solbakken in September 1999 on its 2 years anniversary.
The chairs have been created by Hans and Birgitte Börjeson and Betty Engholm fro...

Geopark Odsherred

4573, Højby

Geopark Odsherred has been admitted as Denmark’s very first Geopark to the International and UNESCO subsidized Global Geoparks Network.

Denmark’s kitchen garden
Odsherred has been a rich agricultura...

© Ole Grost

Elle in Bogense

5400, Bogense

Elle the mermaid greets all the sailors who come to Bogense.

Once upon a time, people used to say that the mermaids would play in the sea off of Bogense. Sometimes, they swam into town via the town b...

The Art route "Kunst-ruten" in Bjergby and Mygdal

The towns of Bjergby and Mygdal are situated on a foundation of moraine landscape dating back to the Ice Age. Surrounded by beautiful nature the citi...


4943, Torrig L

On a hill overlooking the sea, we are creating a singing monument on the island of Lolland.  It will be a monument that will give everyone from near and far an experience of greatness, closeness and b...

The Vedsted mounds

6500, Vojens

Near the road to Abkær in Vedsted there are a number of burial mounds. Within a large burial mound there is a passage grave which was excavated in 1888.
Do not forget to bring a flash light. To the ...

© Steen Olsson

The statute was made and donated by the mechanic section at Ringsted Hospital at the 125 years jubilee on 1 February 1985.

The sculpture is placed on a granite socket at the Eastern side of the hospi...


Näyteyt 951 - 991 ja 991 merkinnät