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Näyteyt 301 - 350 ja 358 merkinnät
© Helle Serup

Beautiful large green park in the centre of Roskilde overlooking the Roskilde Fjord. The park houses many local events, e.g. free summer concerts....

Behind the church is a nice park with a lake and a memorial grove. A memorial column is set up for the farmer Jens Vestergård.The park is beautiful at any time of the year - take a walk arou...

City park Ullits

9640, Farsø

Small city park...

Vitskøl Kloster
Abbey gardens with herbs for the chemist, for the blind and for spicing Danish Snaps.

If you wish to a guided tour, please contact us ahead of time....

"Asmild Klosterhave", a convent garden at Asmild Church.The garden contains a collection of plants known and used in Denmark in the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th ...

Utzon Parken

9000, Aalborg

The Utzon Park on Aalborg's new water front constitutes a beautiful frame for the architectural pearl, The Utzon Center. The Utzon Center, as well as the unique concrete benches that characterize the ...

© visit kolding


6000, Kolding

VifdamanlæggetNeighbourhood Park in a densely populated area, relayed in the early 80s. The park appears as a natural embossed, green area with football field and playground. The park has a ...

The Ecology Garden

8300, Odder

A splendid garden for both adults and children. The garden stretches to 20 acres of countryside and is Scandinavia’s largest public organic garden. There are 1,000s of different plant species distribu...

© Visit Kolding

The Geographical Gardens

6000, Kolding

Geographical Garden is an experience park and botanical garden. Here you can learn where the various plants are from because they are organized based on geographical origin. You can experience thousan...

Marselisborg Memorial Park
The Memorial Park is just below the castle grounds (Marselisborg Palace), facing out over the Bay. Marselisborg Palace and Park is durring the summer residence of the Royal ...

The University Park

8000, Aarhus C

Universitetsparken is a beautiful park at the Aarhus University.
The Park is one of many green areas in Aarhus.
Please read the story about the park....

The Botanical Garden

8000, Aarhus C

The Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden is a green oasis just to the west of Den Gamle By "The Old Town" the Urban Museum in the centre of Aarhus. It is open to the public all the year round and is ...

© Henrik Brix Andersen


8000, Aarhus C

Mølleparken is a park in the center of Aarhus. You find it at Vester Allé, Åboulevarden and Møllegade....


8000, Aarhus C

Rådhusparken is a beautiful, ancient park by the city hall....

© Steno Museet

The Tropical Houses are closed until September 2014 due to restauration
Tropical Houses at the Botanical Garden is a green oasis just up the hill from the museum Den Gamle By "The Old Town". Aarhus Bo...

In the summer of 2011, the new Water Pavilion by the Danish artist Jeppe Hein was inaugurated in the Sculpture Park of the art museum Kunsten. The sculpture is a programmed water pavilion with walls o...

Boller castle grounds
By Boller castle you find the beautiful castle garden. You enter the enclosed garden through an old wrought iron gate, and in the garden you find fuchsia, roses and primroses. Al...

The area Boller and Bjerrelide covers a large area and offers many varied natural experiences.

Boller Skov – Boller forest is situated near Boller Castle and Horsens Fjord. Beautiful beechwood grow a...

Vitus Berings Park

8700, Horsens

The Vitus Bering park

On the way from Horsens railway station to the city centre you pass the Vitus Bering park. The park is especially known for its large, old rhododendron shrubs. It is an amassing...

© Krengerup Gods

Krengerup Gods - vandreture

5620, Glamsbjerg

Krengerup Gods
The manor is located about two kilometres from the town of Glamsbjerg and is surrounded by Krengerup Woods. Admission to the park is free, but visitors are kindly requested to stay on t...

© Destination Sydvestjylland

Skulpturhaven (Sculpture Garden) is an area around Amtmandens Have, Bachmanns Vandmølle and Vidåen that provide the setting for a number of beautiful sculptures in Tønders urban environment....

Visby Park

Visby Park

6261, Bredebro
© VejleMuseerne

The sculptor Robert Jacobsen has reshaped the former gravel pit in Tørskind to a sculpture park in association with his former student, sculptor Jean Clareboudt. Four of the sculptures are made b...

© Helle & Kajs Åbne Have

All year round you will find the garden by Løgismose on the island of Funen filled with flowers, fragrances and vegetables

Welcome to our garden with joy. Roses, perennials and summer flowers. Green ...

© Erik Hansen

Erik's Oasis, Garten

5220, Odense SØ

Our garden is a botanical diversity built from the inspiration from a myriad of gardens we've visited. The garden is wheelchair friendly.

There is a nice collection of fuchsia, but there are also ma...

© VisitOdense

The garden is situated in the quarter between the city centre and Sankt Knudsgade. It was established by a book club in 1876. This meant that it was closed to the general public. The book club was a l...

© VisitOdense


5000, Odense C

Right beside the Cathedral an old wrought-iron gate shows you the way to the Klosterhaven (convent garden).

The convent garden is a fine little geometrically laid out garden, which architect I. P. S...

© VisitOdense

Kongens Have, Odense

5000, Odense C

Kongens Have (King’s Garden) was originally the garden for St. Hans Monastery which was founded by the monks of the order of St. Hohn in the 1400s.

After the Reformation in 1536 the monastery and th...

© VisitOdense

Munke Mose, park

5000, Odense C

In 1881 the Municipality of Odense bought the grounds around the Munke Mølle (Monks Mill) Factory to prevent it from being built on.

This was a low-lying marsh and meadow area, which was used for gra...

© VisitOdense

The Fish Ladder is located in Munke Mose. There it is also possible to rent a boat, go on a river cruise or use the playground....


9000, Aalborg

You will find a beautiful view over Aalborg from more directions at Signalbakken (Signal Hill). At the Hill you will find Hvilehøj (Rest Hill) and Signalhøj (Signal Hill) which are two mounds. Signalh...

Skovbakken nature area

9000, Aalborg

Skovbakken was landscaped in the 1820’s in order to create a green area where people could enjoy the view of the city and the fjord. At Skovbakken, you will have access to different experiences – natu...

© Aalborg Kommune

Golf Park

9000, Aalborg

In Golfparken (the Golf Park) you will find a golf course with 6 holes – especially suitable for elderly. It is open for everyone, as long as no elderly are using the course.

In the western part of t...

© Aalborg Kommune

The Norden Chalk Pit

9000, Aalborg

In 70 years, Portland Cement-Factory diged for chalk and chalk sludge and this is the reason for the 10-20 m. tall cliffs. Today, the chalk pit is a nature area with interesting plants and animals. Wh...

© Aalborg Kommune

Lindholm Fjordpark

9000, Aalborg

Lindholm Fjordpark is rich in terms of nature, plants and animals. Take a canoe or a kayak and get close to the nature.

You will find forest, poppelhegn herbs and bushes and you will also find the ra...

© Aalborg Kommune

Mulighedernes Park is a gathering place for people in all ages. There is a multi house next to the park with a café and facilities for games and a multi field where you can play street basket and hock...

© Aalborg Kommune

Hasseris forest

9000, Aalborg

Hasseris Skov is surrounded by beach-area, cultivated fields and is bounded by the Limfjord on the north and Hasseris stream on the south. Hasseris Skov is a local forest where there is access to the ...

© Aalborg Kommune

Poulstrup Lake

9000, Aalborg

Poulstrup Sø (Lake) and Dall Hede (Moor) is a beautiful nature area with, lakes, pasture and forest. The lake lays beautiful between the hills. Marked walking tracks make it easy to find your way arou...

Lundby Bakker

9000, Aalborg

In the first half of the 1900 century, Lundby Bakker (The hills of Lundby) was a pasture and heather area. Today the area is pure forest.  Lundby Bakker is strongly hilly with small deep clefts and st...

© Aalborg Kommune

Hammer Bakker

9000, Aalborg

Hammer Bakker contains many forest covered hills, separated by steep, curtail clefts. Lakes, moors and streams will rarely be seen here. The huge forest area has a rich animal and plant life and roe d...

The Horse Shoe

9000, Aalborg

Hesteskoen is the only nature area in Aalborg East where people can get all close to the fjord. There are many opportunities for an outdoor-life near or at the Limfjord.

There is a nice beach and goo...


8800, Viborg

Cozy park in the western part of Viborg. The park has an area of 1,8 hectares and functions as an ornamental park and playing field, but also as a supplement to outdoor areas by the local children's i...

10.000 m2 open garden with thousands of flowers. Nursery with herbaceous, trees, bushes and jars. In the barn you find crafts, dried flowers and silk flowers.

Opening Hours 
Tha garden is open from ...

© Susanne Vind

Located next to the main building of Sanderumgaard Manor House is the old romantic landscape garden, one of the first of its kind in Denmark, originally set up by Johan Bülow in the period 1793-1828.

© Ledreborg Slotspark

Ledreborg Palace Park

4320, Lejre

Explore the impressive newly renovated park of Ledreborg Palace - a beatiful piece of nature and culture. 

The palace and the park of approx. 10 acre is one of the most complete cultural sceneries in...

Urtehaven - Herb Garden

9400, Nørresundby

The Herb Garden in Nørresundby – a glimpse of the past. In Aalborg’s neighbor-city Nørresundby, you will find ‘Urtehaven’ – a unique garden with more than 300 different medicinal herbs.  

The garden ...

Forstbotanisk Have

8000, Aarhus C

Forstbotanisk Have.
Forstbotansi Have is a green oasis which is 'hidden' behind Marselisborg Palace' garden and Marselisborg Memorial Park and was established in 1923. The garden has more than 900 dif...


Näyteyt 301 - 350 ja 358 merkinnät